Don’t miss out on your chance to order a copy of the 2019 Kelly Mill Elementary Yearbook.


It’s the best way to remember this year's events, classmates and friends.


Yearbooks are on sale for $35 until October 31st

On November 1st, the price goes up to $40.


Directions on how to purchase a yearbook and a 5th Grade Ad

5th Grade Parents
Don't forget to order your yearbook Ad space to support and congratulate your 5th Grader. You can purchase a 1/8 yearbook Ad space for $25.  


** PLEASE NOTE ** that you will need to login or create an account on the Balfour website for the 5th Grade Yearbook Ad. After purchasing the Ad, you will need to finish creating the ad at the time of purchase. You will not be able to login later to create and/or update the Ad after it has been purchased.  



**** With any purchase from Balfour, you will receive an email confirmation from Balfour as soon as your order is processed.  If you don’t receive an email confirmation, double check that you have completed the order successfully. Please keep your receipt from Balfour for your records.****