Treasurer Reports

At the start of each school year, a new budget is proposed at the August Board of Executives meeting, and then it is voted on and approved at the August General meeting. This budget is a guideline on what the Kelly Mill Elementary PTO anticipates to spend on certain activities and events throughout the school year. However, in order to provide the funding needed for these projects, the KME PTO must raise these funds through the generous support of the school community. Therefore, based on the performance of fundraisers, the budget may be reevaluated and possibly adjusted at our next General Meeting in December before the Variety Show.  If you have any inquiries or concerns, please contact Andres Zea, KME PTO Treasurer at
.  Thank you for your support!   


Approved Budget 

Approved Budget (voted on 8-12-19)



Treasurer Reports are the Income/Expense Reports for the time period between board meetings.  The Treasurer Reports have been published below.  There is a link for each month the PTO Board meets.


 July 2020




2017-2018 PTO Audit

2018-2019 PTO Audit



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