Kelly Mill Elementary PTO Presents…

KME’s 4th Annual PTO Variety Show!



Audition Dates: TBD

Show Date: TBD


Kelly Mill Colts, we believe there is only one YOU… with your courage…your skills, your  TALENT…and we want you to show it off at the 3rd Annual KME PTO Variety Show!    

If you are ready to let your extraordinary gifts shine, please read on!!  There are some guidelines in participating and representing our school and to be fair, all students interested in auditioning MUST comply with the show rules.


  • The Variety Show is a talent showcase not a contest. It is open to all grades to audition.


  • 5th graders only may audition to be Master of Ceremonies (a script will be provided).


  • Participants may audition for only one act.


  • A copy of all music with lyrics must be submitted with registration form. Students without lyrical sheets may not play their music during audition.


  • All music must be submitted with a labeled flash drive and turned in at time of audition. Unfortunately, we will not be able to provide music for participants.


  • All scripted acts are required to submit their scripts with registration form.


  • Lip synching is not allowed. Singers may use music on their flash drive or may have someone accompany them with an instrument.  *Lyrics must be submitted with registration form.


  • Chosen participants are required to attend ALL rehearsals prior to show.

Rehearsal dates: TBD


  • KME may modify/curtail any act to support the theme of the show and the length of the show.



We are so excited to see our Colts debut their fabulous talents.  This is such a perfect way to showcase your uniqueness, build your confidence, and bring our community together!  Once we receive your application, we will contact you via email for audition times.  If you have any questions, please email


Click here to download the Variety Show Registration Form 


Please email with any questions.